Packaging that’s good for customers and the planet

As companies expand their sustainability initiatives, many of them are incorporating recycled resins in their product packaging. They not only want to reduce the size of their packages, but also reduce the amount of resources required to make them.

BWAY proactively addressed this need when it introduced Twinshot technology in 2007. Twinshot takes sustainability to the next level by incorporating recycled resin in plastic containers. The technology enables BWAY to replace up to 50 percent of virgin material with post-consumer resin (PCR) while maintaining a container’s quality and integrity.

BWAY can make its full line of plastic pails using the Twinshot process for the ultimate flexibility and performance. Strong and reliable, Twinshot containers are well-suited for oils, paints, adhesives, coatings and other industrial materials.

BWAY uses a co-injection process and a single extruder to produce pails that have an outer core of virgin plastic and an internal core of post-consumer regrind. The result is a pail that saves resources while being fully recyclable. With an eye toward future innovation, BWAY continuously seeks ways to reduce its environmental footprint and add value for customers.

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