Less is more for plastic pail cover

No packaging company had a leak-proof gasket-free cover for viscous and liquid contents that met the distribution and storage challenges of industrial and commercial markets until 2007, when BWAY introduced the Tri-Seal cover. Until then, the commercial use of gasket-free covers was limited to dried goods.

BWAY’s groundbreaking invention also enabled the one-piece cover to be recycled as-is, which wasn’t possible with covers that had rubber gaskets. Coupled with a plastic handle, the introduction of the Tri-Seal cover created a fully recyclable pail. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the Tri-Seal cover is durable and rugged. It provides leak-tight protection for industrial and other products and is among the most popular cover BWAY sells.

Features include a primary inner plug “cork” seal that is unaffected by changing top loads, a secondary top “flap” seal that engages the lip of the pail, and a tertiary outer “stretch” seal for added security.

Ideal for paints, adhesives, cleaning products, lubricants, oils, building products and food, the patented cover is made for round plastic pails. Customers don’t have to worry about gasket twisting, incomplete sealing or rebounding.

The Tri-Seal cover performs as well as or better than standard covers with rubber gaskets, particularly for stacking strength. It holds up to heavy loads without cracking.

The cover is so popular that BWAY continuously explores design enhancements and opportunities to increase capacity.

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