EZ Stor®

Changing the landscape of consumer packaging

In the early ’90s, plastic containers for consumer products were developed more for necessity than innovation. While they got the job done, they weren’t user-friendly and didn’t stand out on shelves.

That was before EZ Stor, a reusable rectangular container with a hinged lid. This revolutionary concept changed the consumer packaging landscape.

Conceived in 1992 as a single 8-gallon container for dog food, the product has become one of BWAY’s most successful ventures – both for the company and its customers. EZ Stor has been pivotal in customers’ product launches and helped them gain new business because of its unique features.

EZ Stor now comes in at least 20 sizes and is popular for candy and confections, dairy products, laundry and dishwasher detergent, lawn and garden products, pool chemicals, and pet care products.

BWAY customers and consumers like EZ Stor containers because they’re convenient, tamper-evident, stackable, space-efficient and refillable. With a quick zip of the tear tab and pull strip, the hinged cover opens easily. An easy click closes it. A large opening allows for easy access.

EZ Stor containers are 100 percent recyclable, which appeals to consumers’ growing awareness of the need for sustainable packaging. Many shoppers appreciate companies’ efforts to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills, which can mean more sales for BWAY customers that go “green.”

Customers can incorporate BWAY’s Diamond Weave technology into EZ Stor containers to create the ultimate sustainable package. Diamond Weave containers have a lattice pattern inside that reduces the amount of plastic needed to produce them by up to 25 percent – without affecting performance.

Customers tell BWAY they love EZ Stor for many of the same reasons that consumers do. They also appreciate that consumers can see package details from any angle on store shelves. Customers can take advantage of BWAY’s world-class graphics capabilities for maximum shelf appeal.

As product packaging shifts from flexible to rigid, EZ Stor is helping brands adapt aesthetically, functionally and sustainably.