Diamond Weave

BWAY’s ‘green’ packaging grows

Sustainable packaging has long been a shining star on the horizon, and it’s getting brighter every day. Consumers, retailers, environmental groups and others have indicated that environmentally friendly, or “green” packaging, is a necessity, according to a Smithers Pira study.

A longtime leader in sustainability, BWAY continuously explores new ways of decreasing weight to reduce customers’ transportation costs and create less packaging-related waste. This focus led to the development of BWAY’s patented Diamond Weave technology in 2008. The innovation was a welcome addition to the expanding line of source-reduced and eco-friendly products.

Square, rectangular and round containers that incorporate Diamond Weave technology have a lattice pattern inside that reduces the amount of plastic needed to produce them by up to 25 percent. This was an unprecedented sustainability improvement that maintained product performance.

BWAY set the new standard for the industry with Diamond Weave. The containers have the same stack strength and durability as conventional plastic, but are more environmentally friendly. Diamond Weave containers reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 43 percent compared to non-Diamond Weave containers.

Customers appreciate these high-quality sustainable containers and being able to promote their “green” initiatives to consumers, who expect eco-friendly products and packaging. Many containers for food, pet care products, chemicals, sporting goods and pool products, incorporate Diamond Weave technology. Consumers can find the containers at retailers, including athletic, hardware and convenience stores.

BWAY began incorporating Diamond Weave technology into a 5.2-gallon kitty litter container and has since expanded production to a wide variety of sizes. With an eye toward future innovation, BWAY continuously seeks ways to make Diamond Weave and other eco-friendly offerings better than ever.

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