Our Story

History in the making

In 1875, a private family business owned by William Vogel of Brooklyn, New York, began making tin plate pots, pie plates, cuspidors and other household products.

That humble operation would go on to become the company you know today, BWAY Corporation. A leader in rigid packaging, BWAY has more than 100 patents, over 300 products, 4,000 employees, 1,500 customers and 26 manufacturing facilities, and produces over 1.5 billion parts annually.

BWAY’s rich heritage can be traced to its focus on creating value for customers and strategic growth. Through acquisitions such as Ropak Packaging, Central Can Co., NAMPAC and Milton Can Co., to name a few, and BWAY’S large distribution network, the company has grown into a market leader with annual sales exceeding $1.5 billion.

After 140 years of growth and diversification, innovation has remained at the core of what we do every day. From introducing the first United Nations-rated steel pail to developing the first gasket-free cover and commercializing pails that incorporate up to 50 percent post-consumer resin, our combination of innovation and excellence has earned us wide recognition.

Our 19th century roots were history in the making then, and our 21st century vision is history in the making now. For a more detailed journey through BWAY’s successes, view our timeline below.


In 1875, a private family business owned by William Vogel of Brooklyn, New York, starts making tin plate pots, pans, pails, water coolers, pie plates, cuspidors and other household products.


In 1929, Vogel's grandson, William Martin Vogel, re-establishes the family business as Standard Sprayer, Inc. The company manufactures hand insecticide sprayers and pie plates.


In 1942, Standard Container begins producing ammunition boxes, shell containers and other military supplies around-the-clock for American soldiers in World War II. After the war, the company resumes production of sprayers, pie plates and truck filters.


In 1957, the company reorganizes as Standard Container Co. and builds a 30,000-square-foot plant in Homerville, Georgia. Clinch County residents invested 50,000 to bring the company to the area.


In 1962, Standard Container enters the gallon tin plate paint can business.


In 1968, Standard Container becomes a public company and is listed on the American Stock Exchange.


In 1969, Standard Container enters the steel pail business after buying Zuck Pail and Can Co. The company also begins making metal egg cans after acquiring Interstate Can Co., Inc.


In 1973, Standard Container begins manufacturing 5-gallon plastic pails and enters the fuel can business.


In 1979, Brockway Glass Co. acquires Standard Container as a wholly owned subsidiary.


In 1980, Brockway buys Inland Steel Container and expands steel pail production.


In 1985, the company rebrands itself as Brockway Standard after renaming its business units to Brockway Glass, Brockway Plastics, Brockway Air, and Brockway Standard.


In 1989, Brockway Standards Holding Co. is created when two partners purchase the Brockway Standard Can Division from Owens-Illinois Corp.


In 1993, the company enters the monotop can business after acquiring Ellisco, Inc.


In 1994, Brockway Standards Holding Co. develops and patents United Nations–rated steel pails and is the first to introduce them to the marketplace.


In 1996, the company is renamed BWAY Corp. BWAY continues to expand its product line through the acquisition of Milton Can Co. and the Davies Can Division of Crown Cork & Seal. BWAY enters the aerosol can business after buying Ball Corp.'s aerosol can line in Cincinnati, Ohio.


In 2004, BWAY expands production of plastic products and adds 11 facilities across the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada after buying SST Corp. and NAMPAC.


In 2006, BWAY expands in Canada after acquiring ICL and Vulcan Containers.


In 2009, the company enters the hybrid paint can business and expands production of metal paint cans, steel pails and plastic open head pails through acquisition of Central Can Co. and Ball Corp.'s Newnan, Georgia plant.


In 2010, BWAY acquires Plastican Inc., a leading manufacturer of open-head plastic pails, screw-top pails and drums.


In 2013, BWAY buys Ropak Packaging, a leading producer of rigid, plastic containers for consumer goods, food, dairy products, petroleum and paint.


In 2016, BWAY expands production of plastic, tight-head containers by acquiring KLW Plastics.


In 2017, the company adds capacity in the paint and general line markets after buying a Ball Corp. plant in Hubbard, Ohio.