Sustainability Initiatives

Our sustainability practices touch virtually everything we do. We are minimizing our environmental impact in numerous ways. The following sustainability initiatives are being employed at our manufacturing facilities and administrative offices:

Coating Materials: We strive to use water-based rather than solvent-based coatings in our lithography and spraying processes. Our suppliers reuse white coatings and mix them with gray and charcoal to manufacture black coatings.

Copper Wire: We recycle wire used in the welding process by reselling it to copper companies for reuse.

Emission Reduction: We have significantly lowered our emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) over time.

Energy Conservation: We use electric-only equipment that combines electric and hydraulic power to conserve energy in plastic manufacturing. We have agreements with utility companies for planned shutdowns to interrupt energy supplies if power grids require additional capacity.

Fuel Consumption: We work with customers to optimize packaging so it maximizes shipping space, minimizes emissions and lowers fuel usage.

Light Bulbs: We currently recycle fluorescent light bulbs. In addition, we are converting to T5 high-efficiency fluorescent light bulbs at our manufacturing and warehouse facilities.

Light-Weighting Products: We develop innovative package designs that reduce the number of components and use less raw material.

Manufacturing Processes: We use synchronized compressed air, servo-based systems, lean operations, best training practices and dedicated lines to reduce or eliminate changeover.

Office Recycling: We have programs in place for paper, plastic bottle and aluminum can recycling and have eliminated styrofoam.

Packing Materials: We sponsor programs for customers to return packing materials including chipboard and frames for reuse. We send packing and shipping materials to recyclers when they are no longer useful.

Pallet Returns: We have programs in place so customers can return pallets for reuse.

Paperless Documents: We have replaced hard copies with paperless documents for government compliance and internal reports. We have substituted paper documents with flat screen televisions for employee communications.

Solar Energy: We have installed solar energy to light walking paths to onsite shelter and picnic areas.

Solvent Recycling: We recycle industrial solvents used in manufacturing as cleaning products for railcars, and they later serve as fuel in the cement-making process.

Storm Water: We installed systems in railcar areas to ensure that resin does not contaminate storm water.

Water Conservation: We conserve water in plastic manufacturing by using closed-loop systems that eliminate evaporation. We designed equipment to capture water and recycle it for use in injection molding equipment. We use recycled water in metal manufacturing to cool welders.

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