Sustainability - More Product Solutions. Less Environmental Impact.

More Product Solutions Less Environmental Impact

At BWAY, we understand that the planet is our most precious resource and are committed to preserving it for future generations. From operations to manufacturing, BWAY is dedicated to reducing waste, minimizing our carbon footprint and conserving energy.

BWAY offers more than 270 metal, plastic and hybrid containers – and each one is recyclable. We introduced the innovative open head ECO-PAIL™ which requires less energy to produce, reduces carbon emissions and uses fewer components than standard pails. While most of our plastic containers are made with 30-percent post-consumer resin, the ECO-PAIL™ in particular can contain up to 50-percent post-consumer resin. Our steel and tinplate containers are made from 25-percent post-consumer recycled steel.

BWAY has taken the initiative to integrate sustainability into our manufacturing facilities. We make every effort to purchase recycled raw materials. Protocols to improve energy-efficiency have been instituted; now water is conserved and reused through closed-loop systems. BWAY has also utilized intermodal transportation to reduce the amount of carbon from entering the atmosphere.

Whether it’s developing new packaging or redesigning existing, let us show you how we can help reduce time to market, lower costs, improve quality and increase your overall sustainability.

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