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BWAY acquires KLW Plastics

Atlanta, GA (September 12, 2016) – BWAY Corporation, a Stone Canyon Industries, LLC company and leading North American manufacturer of rigid metal and plastic containers, announced today that it acquired KLW Plastics from KODA Enterprises Group.
KLW Plastics is a leading manufacturer of one-to-seven gallon, tight-head plastic containers and UN-rated packaging serving the food, chemical and agricultural end markets. KLW Plastics is headquartered in Monroe, Ohio, with additional manufacturing facilities in Houston, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia.
Ken Roessler, BWAY’s President and Chief Executive Officer, stated: “This business is an excellent fit with the Company’s core market, add-on acquisition strategy. In addition to sales growth, this acquisition expands our product offering with innovative new products which further support the Company’s goal of positioning BWAY as the premier supplier for rigid general line packaging.”

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