Customer Focused

BWAY has established a leadership position by staying customer focused. We concentrate on what our customers need and go the extra mile to help them achieve their goals. This steadfast commitment has contributed to our longevity and growth. We understand that providing the highest level of customer attentiveness is the key to their success and ours.

We offer tangible benefits through our supplier relationships and internal programs. We work closely with customers to understand their requirements and convey that information to our suppliers. BWAY collaborates with suppliers to streamline processes, improve products and lower costs for our customers through our lean manufacturing culture. Our vast distribution network ensures timely, reliable delivery.

Our Customer Satisfaction Tracking Survey measures quality, performance, pricing, value and delivery. We test discreet areas of our operations to identify improvements, reduce time to market, minimize costs and enhance quality. The results are used to set goals, benchmarks and budgets that help us serve customers better in the future.

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