About BWAY

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For more than a century, BWAY has offered packaging solutions for large manufacturers, container distributors and small businesses. Today, we are a market leader in the general line packaging industry by providing rigid metal and plastic containers across North America.

Our rigid metal containers include paint cans, steel pails, aerosol cans, F-style containers, monotop cans, pour top cans, ammunition boxes and an oil can. We also manufacture rigid plastic packaging including pails, drums, and hybrid paint cans.

Approximately 75 percent of our business comprises general line packaging used by industrial manufacturers. Roughly 20 percent of our containers are allocated to food products. The remaining five percent accounts for production of ammunition boxes.

BWAY has annual sales exceeding $1 billion. We have approximately 3,000 dedicated, well-trained employees who deliver exceptional products to customers. Our organization maintains modern, well-capitalized manufacturing facilities that are geographically aligned to ensure fast order fulfillment and superior customer service.

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